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SketchBeat – openFrameworks and C++


Link to Video

Over winter break I decided to create this simple project using C++ and openFrameworks. It takes audio input and using Fast Fourier Transform returns values on frequency which affect the radius of the icosphere and the visual at the bottom. I updated the code so that the change in colors would no longer be random but instead obey a certain color palette.

Source Code:

The song is “U Can Get It” by ProleteR:


Vélo Vieilli


I was taking photos in the center, centro, of Oaxaca City near the Zocalo with new found friends. We were inside of a photography museum and decided to take a break in a small courtyard where I saw this bike standing on a wall. I decided to try my hand at macro photography because my father gave me a macro lense and never had the chance to play with it.

In Front

I tried emulating similar photographs with a different bicycle but unfortunately the color proved too distractive. Fortunately, I took these three of the first bike and they seem to compliment each other well as a group.Handling




Hachiroku ハチロク

3D Low polygon count mesh of a Hachiroku.

3D Low polygon count mesh of a Hachiroku.

Also known as the Toyota AE86, Hachiroku is Japanese for “eight-six”. I attempted to make a low polygon count version of the car. It has approximately 2,000 vertices and 3,700 triangles.

After learning about projection painting, I made various textures from different points of views of the mesh. Although it seemed simple in theory, it was quite tricky in practice. Transcription of textures meant compression of quality because of size conversion, resulting in a pixelated image.

Near the end of the project I decided to implement composition because without filters or any blurs it looked very monotonous.

Compositing nodes for the mesh.

Compositing nodes for the mesh.

After a while I decided to try the Cycles Render Engine. A bit hard to manipulate at first, but it did not have a steep learning curve or large transition from the internal renderer. I believe with the new blender updates, cycles was updated since the tutorial It follows a holistic approach instead of an individual segments approach.




AvionThis photograph happened by pure chance. I saw this airplane taking off and simply snapped a photo. At most I had time to adjust the focus of the lense but I never bothered with the aperture or shutter speed. Nevertheless, the photo came out with precise focus because my shutter speed was (I believe) 1/250 and an aperture of f/4.5 on a tele zoom lense. Even that was luck, I had those settings because it was a pretty cloudy day, which is quite common in Oaxaca, and having a higher aperture with lower shutter speed resulted in more blur.


El Descanso



Los Amigos

La_filleThe first group of friends I made in Mexico were from my photography course. For once, I wasn’t the exception from my friends by being the only mexican and it felt different. I have not had much contact with them since last year, but fortunately I have one of their mailing addresses, although it probably is lost elsewhere. The photograph itself is taken, once again, in front of the Church of Santo Domingo.